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We are LOCAL, with a friendly owner and staff!



We are very flexible with our customers, and have competitive rental prices and packages.



Reach us directly by booking service. We care about your party or event.

Want to talk to us--you can!    (530) 274-9137

About Us

We're here to talk to you!  We love hearing from you, and are available ,over the phone, to give you the help and advice, and quality service to ensure your party or event goes off without a hitch and supersede all your expectations for a truly one-of-a-kind celebration.  Your happiness is our primary goal!  With over 35 years experience in show business and the entertainment field, we will never forget the maximum "the show must go on" and every delivery must be on time! In addition, we never cancel a booking (as only you know if foul weather will cut into your enjoyment of our inflatables and services. If it is pouring rain and you still want/need your bounce house--you get it. If you have to cancel for any reason,  your deposit can be applied to a future rental service window of up to a year after your original service date. Of course, all equipment is subject to availability but the fact that we have over 30 inflatables to choose from means that WE ALWAYS HAVE BOUNCE HOUSES AND OTHER ATTRACTIONS AVAILABLE!


While it may be possible to find a competitor willing to match or extend a somewhat lower price, no one can match our service, dedication, and outcome for your very important parties and events. In addition, we have the most liberal time policy for all of our rentals items. For example, if you order for Saturday you can usually get Friday free of charge giving you extra time to enjoy the bounce house before your party, in addition we do not dictate what time we deliver your bounce house and we will always set it up before you want to start your party and pick it up after you want to end. If you order for Sunday you can usually have it until Monday morning too if you like? The reason we can be so dedicated to your satisfaction is on account of the fact that we are full time professional in the entertainment and amusement fields.


Dan Wiles has served as the life of the party on every continent in numerous venues including Circus, theme parks, fairs and festivals, performing on stage and television as an actor and a circus artist. This means, we offer much more in the way of entertainment than just "awesome inflatable party fun" and many types of party rental equipment including but not limited to cotton candy, snow cone, popcorn machines, tents, lights, heaters sound systems dunk tanks, and other large inflatable play structures. This means that we have a full inventory of other services to offer as well including party entertainment such as stilts, balloons, juggling, as atmosphere or center stage a show for dozens or just one special person you want to reach with a happy bright and entertaining smile and hello. Or an entire portable theater in the form of a circus tent stage and bleachers to entertain or inform your target audience to make your event or presentations go successfully for you every time. We are available for fairs and festivals and events of all types including any type of community event where you have children that need to be entertained and cared for in te most fun environment imaginable all while making your event much better and driving more revenue to your vendors.



Warmest Regards,



Dan Wiles,

Chief Entertainer & Party Fun Maker

Dan Wiles Entertainment

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