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How do I make a reservation?


You can make a reservation for our inflatables activity equipment and party support services in any one of three ways:

CALL US AT (530) 274-9137 Simply, give us a call. We are available to help you with your party or event inflatable and accessory needs!

INQUIRY FORM - For detailed events and parties, where you want us to provide you input and recommendations about rentals and services, you may complete our inquiry form with all the pertinent details about your event/party, along with a best callback time and we will do our best to call you back with the information and suggestions to help you best.




USE OUR ONLINE SHOP -  Peruse our online rental listings, and find the inflatable item or service you want. Then, on the rental item detail page, enter the date of your intended rental (date of your party or event) in the text entry field provided (you may also provide additional party/event information in this field/text box.) Next, select from the check boxes below that field to specify which day or package you want (note: selecting a box will show you the details...SAT or SUN 1 day rental at the service price listed, a WEEKEND multi-day package at a discounted service rate increase, or WEEKDAY (Mon-Thurs) rental featuring a minor discount for non-peak days. Now, add this item to your cart, and proceed with checkout process. NOTE: Your rental service booking must be confirmed by us via phone, based on the availability of your selected item and date/time detailed.

[Should your intended item or service not be available for the duration of your requested day/times of your event/party, we will make every attempt to satisfy your request with a comparable item.]


​*TRAVEL/DELIVERY NOTE: An additional delivery fee may apply to orders, depending upon the difficulty of setup location/environment, and/or the delivery distance away from our Grass Valley facility. We will inform you of any additional charges at the time of phone confirmation of booking order​


LOCAL SERVICE AREA FREE DELIVERY INCLUDES:  All of the Grass Valley, Nevada City, North San Juan, Colfax, Weimar, Penn Valley, Auburn, and Applegate (at no additional charge for delivery travel.)


EXTENDED SERVICE AREA DELIVERY FEE, in addition to equipment rental charge (see below):


  • Grass Valley (INCL)

  • Nevada City (INCL)

  • Penn Valley (INCL)

  • Lake Wildwood (INCL)

  • Alta Sierra (INCL)

  • Lake of the Pines (INCL)

  • Auburn (INCL)

  • Meadow Vista (INCL)

  • Applegate (INCL)

  • North San Juan (INCL)

  • Colfax (INCL)

  • Rocklin  (+$50)

  • Roseville (+$100)

  • Downeyville (+$200)

  • Dobbins (+$100)

  • Lake Fransis (+$100)

  • Smartsville (+$60)

  • Brownsville (+$80)

  • Beale AFB (+$100)

  • Marysville (+$100)

  • Yuba City (+$100)

  • Foresthill (+$120)

  • Cool (+$200)

  • Washington (+$120)

  • Truckee (+$300)

  • South Lake Tahoe (+$400)

  • Reno (+$340)


RAIN OR SHINE POLICY: Bounce houses are fun wet or dry, so we don't cancel due to rain...We'll get it there, rain or shine! However, in the event the customer must cancel the booking, they will forfeit/lose any/all booking deposit.


"No matter which way you choose, it is our promise to you that we will contact you personally to confirm your package."

Dan Wiles

How early should I book my reservation?


For largest availability call early, as we take bookings as much as a year in advance on certain dates & holidays.

However we always have equipment available and can often times make last minute deliveries for you!


What time can we get the bounce house?


We never dictate to our customers what time they get their deliveries.

You can choose any time you want to start your party and we deliver before that time and pick it up after.

You can keep the bounce house for up to eight hours or even over night.

In the case of a Saturday delivery we also offer complementary early delivery on Fridays.


Do we deliver and set up?


All the prices we quote include LOCAL set up and delivery as well as removal.

A delivery fee may apply to all orders, depending upon distance and difficulty of setup and/or delivery.

You need only to supply electricity, and an area from 15’ x 15’ or larger.

After set up we are happy to go over operation of the equipment with you.

It only takes us a few minutes too half and hour to set up you equipment generally.

We can wheel most of the jump houses to your desired location on a cart.

But remember to be mindful and tell us of any stairs hills and tight locations. We set up on virtually any

Surface and never charge extra for it tarps sand bags and cords are always complementary.

Ours is always a complete and through service, we pride ourselves on quality and consider what we do

“a service not a product” if you shop only price when looking for a bounce house, expect late or difficult

Deliveries, poor attention to detail and not much time for you personally as a customer.

However if you book with us we guarantee that you will be more than satisfied and we feel you will

be more than willing to pay Our fair prices again next year, our prices by the way have not been raised for over 5years.



How do I know if the bounce house will fit in my area?


You can measure the area quickly by taking large paces in each direction and giving me the total.

For a small jump house 5 paces in each direction is adequate, for a medium 7 paces and for a large 8.

Also look for low wires or branches 10’ feet or more clearance is recommended however we can work

around them especially branches but wires can never contact the jump house.


Do we have to clean the fun food machines?


No. All of our fun food vending machines come ready-to-use and enjoy!


Can we set up Inflatables and equipment in local parks?


Yes but you must provide the reservation or permission with the local park you will be using for your event/party. In addition, there may be issue with power/electricity at your party/event site. Thus, your booking might require the additional rental or provision of a generator(s). We can provide generator rental at time of booking (fee of $75 including fuel for up to eight hours.)  NOTE: Most local parks have little or no additional fees associated, except for city of Grass Valley Parks. Feel free to contact us, should you have any further question or concern. See, also, our BLOG detailing information about using local parks for your event/party.


Are there any delivery charges?


There can be delivery charges (above item rental rate listed) depending upon the distance from central Grass Valley, CA, and may incur an additional fee for difficult/remote installations (setups/removals)...we will verify your total fees and charges with you by phone following your inquiry or web store process, when we verify the order and confirm your inflatable entertainment service rental with us.


Have you ever been late or missed a delivery?


Yes, it does happen very rarely and usually due to some unforeseen delay or accident. However, we are proud to offer a 100% on time delivery guarantee, which means that if we are late and your party has started (the time you detailed at time of service booking/order) you do not pay for those rental services.


"I have only had to honor this agreement twice since starting in business in 1992. Over my 22 years in business, I have literally delivered over 20,000 rentals, on time or earlier. I am proud of that service record!"

Dan Wiles



Do you require a deposit to reserve your Inflatable Entertainment Equipment
(bounce houses/jumphouses/etc...)?


Yes, if not booking via our website store, we will require a minimum deposit of $55, prior to booking confirmation.


What forms of payment are accepted?


Cash, check or pay pal. However, we are working to expand our payment options, so inquire with us at time of booking.


What if I change my order?


We understand that things can happen and party/event plans can change.  Contact us as soon as you know or foresee a problem, and we will work with you to modify or change our inflatable activity equipment rental and shift our services to your new date, time and place.  However, if equipment is not available on the requested change date, we ask that you be flexible, too, and we will do our best to provide you comparable equipment available on your newly modified event/party date and time-frame. Should cancellation be required, we ask a week's notice, as to allow us time to attempt to re-rent equipment for the time/date of your cancellation. Last minute cancellations forgo the rental service deposit.  We operate on small margins, so working to schedule smart delivery routes, which help save fuel, allow us to decrease fuel costs and travel time labor for our crews...not to mention, helping reduce our carbon footprint a touch. So, please give us a heads up as early as possible, should you experience something that will impact, change or cause the requested cancellation of your booking.


RAIN OR SHINE POLICY: Bounce houses are fun wet or dry, so we don't cancel due to rain...We'll get it there, rain or shine! However, in the event the customer must cancel the booking, they will forfeit/lose any/all booking deposit.


What if I cancel my order?


As stated above, we make a best attempt to satisfy your party/event needs, but occasionally things happen that cause the cancellation of your party/event.  In this case,  you forgo your deposit. However, depending upon the case, we reserve the right to further extend a deposit credit on file for up to one year, which will allow you to apply it toward a future rental from us.


Are “inflatables” safe?


Yes very, but of course your common sense is required. The single most important rule, in our experience, is to keep the number of children and the level of their activity down inside inflatable activity equipment. The older the child (say, tweens and teens), that are mixed in with activity involving small children...the more risk of injury. Think "Same Size, No Surprise" and keep occupancy to within maximum limits and you'll avoid the chance at having elbows and knees where they shouldn't be.  ALSO: For more detailed info, see our "SAFETY" page, under the navigation tab for FAQ's. 


"I recommend if you have wide ranges in ages to create groups of similar sized people for safety."

Dan Wiles


What is your rain day and heavy wind policy?


Many and/or most of your inflatable activity stations can still be enjoyed with a little water on them...Some, are adaptable to water fun (however, avoid purposefully getting them wet with a hose or otherwise, should they not be specifically intended for wet use.)  We never cancel due to rainy weather...we will setup in the rain, if need be. However, we leave it up to you to decide if you would rather cancel.  Cancellations follow our standard cancellation guidelines (as mentioned above and in our email booking confirmation terms.)


RAIN OR SHINE POLICY: Bounce houses are fun wet or dry, so we don't cancel due to rain...We'll get it there, rain or shine! However, in the event the customer must cancel the booking, they will forfeit/lose any/all booking deposit.


ADDITIONAL NOTE:  In addition, many of our smaller jump houses have covered roofs, which help to keep out much of the direct rain and wetness.  A dry towel can be used on all inflatable activity equipment to help dry wet surfaces during and in-between usage.  Also, if needed, we can often substitute a smaller covered unit, in event of heavy rain, subject to availability and delivery scheduling.  Call us, if you are not sure what to do in this case.



What kinds of things aren't allowed in, on or around inflatable activity stations (bounce and jump houses, etc...)?


Please be aware that poppers, silly string, face paint, chewing gum, and food and drink MUST be kept away from any and all inflatable entertainment activity stations, bounce houses and jumphouses at all times. These items can pose safety issues, as well as causing permanent stains and damage to the equipment and surfaces.


When is Payment Due?


Should you not book via our online store, but rather by phone, we require at minimum a $55 deposit. When we send you a contract by email, deposit will be required to hold the reservation for you. The balance of payment is due the day of the event. We accept cash, checks, and pay pal, but are working to improve our processes to be able to accept other forms of payment.


What is the Standard Rental Period?


The rental period is for 8 hours (which is considered to be a full day). Feel free to contact us for any special inquires you might have about extending the rental period. We are very flexible with our costumers! We can also set up for an overnight occasion or a multi-day rental. We deliver, we set it up, we do all the work.... to make that special day easy for you.


Where can I set up the equipment?


If you are planning to have your party or event at your own home, a park or local business location...a level grassy area is the most ideal place for setting up inflatables. The area should be mostly flat however a few degrees of slope is ok, so long as it is not steeper than 4%.There should be at least 2 feet of clearance on all sides of the inflatable structure, and the area should be clear of all obstacles including debris like sticks, rocks, sharp objects, animal waste, etc... Stakes are used to hold the inflatable structure in place, unless where setup indoors, on concrete, asphalt or other hard surfaces, when necessary, whereby sand bags will be used to secure the units and prevent tipping/movement during regular activity.


What kind of supervision is necessary?


For the safety of inflatable entertainment equipment participants, each unit requires at least one adult supervisor at all times. For our bigger pieces, such as large slides and obstacle courses, we require at least two adult supervisors (Depending the size of the slide). Adult supervision must be maintained at all times. Accidents on equipment generally happen for two reasons: Too many children are on or inside the unit at any one time, and the unit's safety stays (staked or sand bagged) are not kept secured.  Supervisors should monitor the amount of children and make sure they're acting in a responsible manner. Supervisor also should check the equipment is secured properly to the ground. Safety is of primary importance no matter how small or big is the event. Should you need or require a dedicated supervisor(s), we can help provide one or more, at additional expense.


What are the power requirements?


Normally each inflatable activity center/device runs off power to industrial fan units made specifically to keep the units inflated to proper/safe activity levels. One or more fan units might be employed by each inflatable activity item, depending on the unit. Each fan unit requires a regular 110v outlet on a dedicated 20 AMP circuit . This is what you might typically call a "normal plug" or wall outlet in most homes and businesses. We'll need a dedicated circuit without other electrical devices plugged into it in order to prevent power loss due to "tripping" a circuit breaker. If you are renting multiple inflatables or plan on setting the unit up more than 100 feet away from an outlet, please discuss power requirements with us prior to your day's event. We will help provide the necessary extension cords in order to reach your power source, or help you plan alternative options to support your party/event inflatable activity set need/requirements.


I didn't see my question here?


Have another question or concern?  Please, don't hesitate to call us!  (530) 274-9137


"We are here to help make your party or event the most awesome one that it can be, so feel free to call me."

Dan Wiles


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