(Can you stay on for the count?)

Our rideable, interactive mechanical bucking bull station is the perfect rental engagement experience for all types of events, including birthdays, social functions, fundraisers, bachelor parties, fraternity and sorority events, and any competitive experience.
Got a Western-themed party or rodeo event? Help your visitors gain a direct experience in a safe environment. Ride includes LED counter to display active bull ride time...allowing partygoers and/or eventgoers to compete against each other for longest ride!

RENTAL DETAILS:-- Comes with interactive mechanical bull, inflatable corral base, and operating attendant.-- Can be set up indoors or outside (grass or concrete are fine, as riders will be protected by our inflatable base station. (-- Space required is roughly 20ft x 20ft, with at least 12ft ceiling. Power -- 2 separate outlets 20amp & 10amp, within 50ft of installation. Due to limited breakdown and movement, if difficult location w/stairs or narrow acces