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Safe Usage

Inflatables & equipment safety rules


Warning: To avoid possible serious injury, rules must be followed.There are many inherent risks involved in the participation on or around or in any inflatable structure, bounce house, jumphouse, competitive arena and/or carnival game or apparatus. You should be aware of the following:

--Participants have a duty to exercise good judgment and act in a responsible manner while around, in or on any inflatable activity equipment.--Individuals with head, neck, back, and/or any other physical limitation or disability, are pregnant, or might be too young (i.e. inflants and young toddlers) susceptible to fall, bump or bounce/shaking/jostling injury should not be permitted in or on inflatable activity equipment at any time.

-- Supervision by a qualified adult attendant is required at all times.

--Participants and observers should remain away, at a safe distance from any and all BLOWERS, fans, safety lines and stakes/sandbags. All safety equipment, lines, stakes and sandbags must remain properly anchored to the groud at all times, and should never be removed during usage period. Inflatable activity equipment must be properly secured by safety stakes or sandbags at all times.

--Blowers and fans are only to be operated by an adult. Should you experience a blower failure, such as power outtage for whatever reason, which causes the blower to stop blowing air, immediately instruct and assist with the evacuation of any children or allowed adults inside the inflatable activity equipment.

--Inflatable activity equipment should be erected and maintained a safe distance from rocks, sharp objects, rough terrain and wall/surfaces with potentially damaging texture, including tree branches and foliage, fences, gates, houses, structures and vehicles.

--In the event of rain or high winds, inflatable activity equipment shall be evacuated and properly deflated in a safe manner. Power cords shall be kept safely out of/above any groundwater, or shock injury may result.

--Prior to getting in or on any inflatable activity equipment, participants shall remove their shoes, along with eyewear/glasses and or anything sharp, which might posess a punture risk.

--Pets are not allowed in or on inflatable activity equipment.

--Food, gum, drinks and/or items like Silly String are not allowed to come in contact in or on any inflatable activity equipment, as they could become dislodged, broken and/or contain compounds which might have a detrimental impact to equipment, surfaces and/or inflatability of activity equipment.

--Children and allowed adult participants should bounce in a safe manner, away from others and/or the sides of the inflatable activity equipment. Participants shall never ride atop inflatable activity equipment, in any area or part which is not intended for direct bouncing activity, as injury and/or damage to units may occur. Participants shall never climb walls or leap from any part of the inflatable activity equipment. Doing so, can result in personal injury and/or property damage, which shall be billed to inflatable equipment rental parties.

--When sliding (on intended SLIDE surfaces), participants shall first safely climb stair section, one wrung at a time. No other participant shall attempt to climb ladders until the ladder section is fully clear and previous participant has made it fully past the stairs/climbing section. No more than two participants shall gather atop any sliding platform...

thus, maximum participation at one time upon large, dual slide inflatable activity equipment would mean that no more than one participant is on the stair section, while two participants are atop the platform awaiting up to one participant per slide shoot to finish their slide and exit the slide bottom. Participants shall sit down, sliding only in a feet first manner, with only one participant per slide shute at a time. Sliding backwards, upside-down, reversed and/or jumping or flipping down slide is not allowed, and may result in serious personal injury.

--When battling atop any of the inflatable arenas, such as the JOUST or SUMO stage, all participants shall follow all safety protocol detailed upon equipment and/or relayed by equipment handlers. Safe weilding of Joust Batons means side-to-side movement and connection of baton to baton or lower participant extremities. No slicing or poking of the baton is allowed, nor is any shot to the head and neck in any manner or play style. Sumo stage participants shall wear protective, inflatable sumo suits at all times, along with proper, supplied headgear. Caution shall be maintained by participant with respect to remaining within safety corridor of either aparatus and/or arena, respectively.  Landing or sending opponent outside of arenas is not allowed, as serious injury could occur.

--Most of all, inflatable activity equipment shall be enjoyed, in a safe manner that results in positive outcome and memory of such a play experience. Be safe. Have fun!


Note: Awesome Party Fun and Dan Wiles Entertainment Rentals cannot assume any responsibilty of the safe operation of equipment rented by any customers.

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