Gold Country Park Tips: Getting The Most Out Them For Your Party Dollar

Don't let your party budget get deflated by public location costs. Knowing your local Gold Country options, will help elevate your big park party to new levels of fun.

Using one of our local parks to have your party can be greatly rewarding for those who want to give their kids a big party, but don't necessarily want dozens of little feet running throughout your house or yard. So, local parks provide a great option to helping you control the environment and timing, as well as cenralized clean up and having an open preparation area can be much easier to contend with.

But, what's the cost? The simple truth is...It varies widely. Some parks have a relatively low, flat cost, whereas others exact more constraints or require special permits to have inflatable bounce or jump houses. Here at Aweseme Party Fun, we deliver to all the local parks, but frequently recommend Western Gateway Park in Penn Valley, because of the ease of reservation and low cost of $50 (with return of minor cleanup deposit). WGP features two large, centralized covered areas, featuring picnic benches, grilling stations, and electricity. Having power included makes it easy to setup single or multiple bounch houses (no generator is required, greatly lessoning possible noise intrusion). Also, free open spaces around the park are also available (if you have a smaller invite list), though they do not feature electricity or shelter and would require addition of a generator to run your bounce house.

If a small group is your thing, Pioneer Park in Nevada City, also offers free space. However, they also require a generator to provide blower motor power for your inflatable(s). The park is subject to reservations and availability, and paid spots at Parks can become more costly. Hideaway Park in Lake Wildwood andThe numbered parks in Lake of The Pines community are other local park options for your party. Some feature electricity, and some do not, so you will need to verify when calling about possible reservations options. Unfortunately. Grass Valley parks tend to be the most restrictive and expensive of all the local Gold Country parks. Grass Valley charges you a permit fee and us (as operator) an additional license fee (a cost that, unfortunately, must be passed on to you and further reducing your party budget. Therefore, we tend to recommend more liberal parks mentioned above, like Western Gateway Park, as we want your hard earned dollar to go into bringing smiles to the little faces at your party. So, with a little planning, a local park can be a great way to go when scouting or considering where to throw your next party or event.

Have more questions about local location options available to you, or interest in other was of cost-effectively maximizing the awesemeness of your next party or event...feel free to give us a call!

Dan Wiles,

the head cheese working to bring you party ease.

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