Eggsactly The Time To Put Awesome Bounce In Your Step This Easter!



More and more holiday events, get togethers and parties are enjoying the awesome fun that comes from bonding and bouncing...namely, inflatable equipment, like jump and bounce houses.

Whether you are attending an Easter-Egg hunt provided by an entity like the Moose Lodge, community group, or holding one at your own home or neighborhood, can help you make the most of your event dollar and help you maximize the fun and flexibility in activities available for your event or celebration.

Often, kids can get bored waiting for the big egg hunt and between eating and opening gifts. Therefore, having alternate forms of entertainment can help keep everybody (all ages) enjoy every minute of the celebration! In addition to inflatable equipment, also has other craft service/food service equipment on hand to help your event participants and family enjoy everything from cold cut salad plates and hot dog service machines that make it easy to enjoy the event hassle and worry free. Cotton Candy and Sno-Cone systems offer enjoyment above and beyond the fun of holiday candy, allowing mom and dad a chance to check those baskets before the sweet tooth overtakes them! So, swirl up a super stick of cotton candy or serve up icy delights easily, freeing you to enjoy the event and not be stuck behind the service system or trapped at a hot grill heating hotdogs. Just make sure to prepare enough tables and chairs to accomodate the crowds you'll attract (we can also help you with that, too.) After all, a causal atmosphere is the best one at a gathering making your guests feel at home is key to keeping them around for a good time!

Happy Easter from the Awesome Team at!

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